Keep software up to date

The importance of keeping software up to date to protect your business.

Keep software up to date

Installing software updates for your operating system and programs is critical. Always install the latest security updates for your devices:

• Turn on Automatic Updates for your operating system.

• Use web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox that receive frequent, automatic security updates.

• Make sure to keep browser plug-ins (Flash, Java, etc.) up to date

Why is it important to keep your software up to date? Hackers continuously scan the internet for software vulnerabilities. When scanning, they can probe your software to determine if it is not up to date or unpatched. Unpatched vulnerabilities refer to weaknesses that allow attackers to leverage a known security bug that has not been patched by running malicious code.

How do you solve unpatched software? The way to solve unpatched software is through a patch management program. Patch management is the process of distributing and deploying software updates to computer and other devices on a network. It is important to understand that patch management is a component of a vulnerability management program.

Vulnerability Management looks at all the vulnerabilities in an environment. Patch management deals specifically with any software updates that need to be applied to computers and other devices. Sound vulnerability management programs take a broad view and leverage patching and other safeguards.

Software updates are an important way to keep your business safe. According to a Ponemon Institute Vulnerability Survey: “60% of breach victims said they were breached due to an unpatched known vulnerability where the patch was not applied.”

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Cybersecurity tips sourced from UC Berkeley

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