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Are you sabotaging your business?

Are you unsure if your business is secure?

Have you ever considered your organization's security needs? Do you feel it is time to do so?
What data can your business not afford to lose?
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Protect your organization with the appropriate risk mitigation.
Learn to leverage your existing technology.

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How to establish a secure business

Different companies require different levels of security. We look at your company and industry, then we determine the best security solution for you.

How to manage staff-related risk

From onboarding and offboarding staff to training your team to detect threats, the human element is a critical part of cyber defense.

Implementation planning and pricing

If you are considering upgrading your firm's cybersecurity, make sure you understand the investment required.

Paul Leto, CEO

Develop a general understanding of cybersecurity

During our consultation, we'll review:

Your industry and the associated risks to your business.
Different areas of cybersecurity, such as mobile, desktop, vulnerability management, incident response, supply chain, security awareness training and more.
Your current backup and disaster-recovery plans.
Common security pitfalls.
Any other concerns you may have.
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Why schedule a session?

Follow up with a security assessment

We know what works. Follow up with us to ensure you're getting the correct advice on how to secure your business. If you want to partner with us, our next step is a security assessment of your business.
“We love protecting our clients and have fantastic relationships.”
Howard Holmen, President
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We cater to Minneapolis and surroundings

We are known as the IT organization that carefully listens to your story, considers all the variables and suggests an action plan that offers the perfect blend of risk mitigation and investment.

Our reputation depends on how secure our implementations are. It really is that simple.

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