Safeguard Protected Data

Safeguarding data helps to keep your company safe from attackers.

Safeguard Protected Data

Be aware of Protected Data that you come into contact with and its associated restrictions.

• Keep high-level Protected Data (e.g., SSN's, credit card information, health information, etc.) off of your workstation, laptop, or mobile devices.

• Securely remove sensitive data files from your system when they are no longer needed.

• Always use encryption when storing or transmitting sensitive data.

Why is it important to protect data?

During a ransomware incident before the hacker locks up your computer system, they will steal your data and hold it hostage to make you pay. So besides not being able the use your computers, they locked them up and will threaten to release your data so other hackers or anyone else can take advantage of it. Having your data released can cause reputational loss with your customers and even fines.

How do you protect your data?

• Encrypt your data – encrypting data is easy to do and it makes your data only accessible to you. If your data is stolen it is not usable.

• Backup your data – Make sure you have a good backup of your data. We recommend you have an immutable copy of your data in the cloud. This is a copy only you can access.

• Cyber insurance – cyber insurance will not protect your data, however if you do have a breach, it will help you recover.

• Make sure your old computers hard drives are unreadable – Once you have backed any important information from your old computer. Make sure that the old hard drive is wiped clean and destroyed.

• Secure your wireless network – Have a strong password on your wireless network and make sure that it has encryption trued on.

These are a few tips that can help you secure your data. For more information, please visit BounceBack Solutions or give us a call at 763-335-9255.

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Cybersecurity tips sourced from UC Berkeley

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